Use of Foley’s Catheter to Control Port-Site Bleeding in Bariatric Surgery

Abstract  Abdominal wall bleeding in the port-site insertion placed during laparoscopic bariatric surgery is often difficult to control.
From January 2005 to August 2011, 226 patients underwent bariatric surgery at our institutions. Seventeen patients (7.5%)
presented port-site bleeding that could not be controlled with electrocautery and Foley’s catheter (24 F) was used for bleeding
inhibition. Of the 17 patients, there were 12 females (70.6%) and five males (29.4%) with a mean age of 38.35 years. Mean
body mass index (BMI) was 44.2. Most of bleeding port-sites were located in hypochondrium and were 12-mm size. After the catheter
removal (median 36 h), bleeding did not recur in any case. There were no other complications related to the port-side bleeding

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