Why do I need a dietitian?

When you are considering bariatric surgery, scheduling a visit with a registered dietitian is a must. All insurance companies require this as part of the documents they need to review prior to approving bariatric surgery.

However, surgery is only the first step toward a healthier you. Your dietary intake is the second part to your successful journey.

A dietitian can provide you with the necessary nutritional information that allows you to succeed 6 weeks, 6 months and 6 years after surgery. Her job is to educate you on the various facets of bariatric eating that becomes your new lifestyle after surgery.

The First Step

Make an appointment with our registered dietitian. If this is your first appointment to have your pre-surgical evaluation completed, she will obtain your medical, lab and diet history, eating patterns, cooking techniques, exercise routines etc…

From this information, she will begin guiding you towards improving your dietary and exercise patterns so that you can transition into the bariatric lifestyle before surgery. Our Registered Dietitian will also provide you with the necessary dietary guidelines that you will read and refer to daily as a bariatric client.

The dietitian will review in great length the guidelines individually with you so that you comprehend what is needed to have a healthy, nourishing, successful dietary lifestyle after your surgery.

Will My Insurance Cover This?

While every policy is different, most insurance policies do cover visits with a Registered Dietitian. Our Insurance Specialists will verify your coverage with your insurance company prior to your visit. If this is not a covered service under your plan, ask about our self-pay discount plan.

Are Future Visits Necessary?

It’s never easy making changes. You can find the support needed by scheduling follow up visits with our dietitian.

Your long term success will be enhanced by positive reinforcement a Registered Dietitian can provide thru recipe development, website product reviews, lessons on label reading, mindful eating techniques, lessons to manage behavioral eating issues, group nutrition classes, support group involvement and many more individualized areas based on your personal needs.

About Our Dietician

Our Registered Dietitian, Anna Marie Seavey MS, RD, has been a practicing nutritionist for over 20 years. She has specialized in bariatric nutrition for the last 5 years. She studied at Rutgers University as an under-graduate where she received a Bachelor of Science and completed her Master’s Degree at New York University. She is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics since 1992. She is a registered professional with the Commission of Dietetics Registration since 1992.