Insurance & Cost

Insurance and cost is often a prominent factor when weighing the decision to undergo weight loss surgery to treat your obesity. Weight loss surgery has the potential to change your life, but this can sometimes be at the expense of your pocket.

Personal Cost of Obesity

Consider what you might spend on the following items:

  • Over-the-counter medication costs
  • Co-pays for doctor office visits
  • Co-pays for lab-work
  • Co-pays for specialists
  • Nonsurgical weight loss programs
  • Grocery and dining costs
  • Out-of-pocket healthcare expenses
  • Co-pays for physical therapist / allied health professionals
  • Prescription co-pays
  • Employment inactivity costs (days of missed work)

These costs quickly add up. You may find that dramatic weight loss can greatly reduce your weight-related costs.

Check our bariatric surgery affordability calculator.

Cost of Bariatric Surgery

For many people, bariatric surgery is affordable because it is covered by their health insurance plan. People who do not have insurance coverage for bariatric surgery must pay for it on their own. This is called self-pay or cash-pay. Even without insurance, many people feel that the surgery is worth the investment in their health and seek out alternative financing options.

Approval for Bariatric Surgery

Your insurance may consider you a candidate for a weight-loss procedure if your Body Mass Index is at least 35 (with two underlying health conditions) or your BMI is 40 or greater (with no underlying health conditions). We have bariatric insurance experts on staff to help you get approved through the insurance process.

Insurance Coverage

Dr. Abkin & his practice participates in most commercial health insurance plans. Contact us to discuss your health insurance coverage.

Self-Pay Options

If your health insurance provider does not cover your bariatric procedure or if you don’t have health insurance, other payment options are available. Our insurance specialists will discuss self-pay options and any out-of-pocket expenses with you. Additionally we can negotiate an affordable payment plan that is right for you. Benefits of self-financing the cost of your procedure include less wait time and discounted rates. Check our bariatric surgery affordability calculator.

Out-of-Pocket Costs for Bariatric Surgery

The good news is that an increasing numbers of health insurers are now covering all or part of the costs of these procedures if you meet certain pre-specified criteria.

Next Step: Personal Consultation

Your next step is understanding what to expect during your personal consultation and surgical evaluation. Afterwards, you’ll be able to request an appointment with the surgeon.