Employers Should Start Treating Morbid Obesity As A Disability

Benefits are given to other people with physical disabilities. Why not those with morbid obesity?

It is obvious that morbid obesity — which is defined as having a body mass index above 40 — is a disability, regardless of the cause. But throughout many legal systems, that’s still a question that remains unanswered. As obesity rates continue to rise, U.S. and European courts have grappled with whether to classify the most severe cases as a disability, which would require employers to provide necessary accommodations so obese employees can overcome their handicap at work, such as larger chairs and uniforms. In recent years, the U.S. legal system has started leaning in favor of obese workers.

By failing to recognize morbid obesity as a disability, society is alienating a growing number of people from working life. We don’t debate whether a person who breaks his back due to reckless behavior should be granted disabled status. Morbidly obese people should be afforded the same benefits as other workers suffering with debilitating conditions.

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